Parkinson’s Disease is usually diagnosed between the ages of 50 and 60, and even as late as 70 years of age. One of the most promising treatments, both for the newly diagnosed and the ongoing Parkinson’s survivors, is a robust mental and physical workout. This Parkinson’s-specific workout was offered by a gym in my city (Austin, Texas), and I was grateful to find this challenging series of exercises that slowed the progression of the disease. When working out at the gym, I noticed that there were people whom I would see a few times and then would not see them again. I inquired about their situations. They were Parkinson’s patients who wanted to participate in the workouts but were unable to afford the gym fees. Many of them were elderly and on fixed incomes. The fees of a gym were beyond what they could afford. I felt something needed to be done to help individuals who would benefit from exercise programs but could not afford the monthly cost associated with those programs. Stronger than Parkinson’s is a nonprofit that provides scholarship funds to individuals for Parkinson’s related exercise activities, providing an opportunity for everyone to access cutting-edge programs that slow the progression of the disease.