Help Those With Parkinson’s Live a Healthier Life Please Contribute To Those That Need Your Help

Who We Are

Our strength is rooted in our belief that discovering the right treatments, interventions, and support can enhance one’s quality of life with Parkinson’s Disease (PD). Our hope is to continue to help those most vulnerable with PD reclaim their quality of life. We are here to help educate, inspire, and support those in need. We believe in giving all PD patients an equal chance to fight. We are Stronger Than Parkinson’s.

By Honoring Those That We Love

We Can Help Someone In Need

Generosity can be an incredibly effective means of reflecting on how far we have come, celebrating those we love, and honoring those we’ve lost by connecting with those we can help.


Our Vision

  • We imagine a day when all PD patients live their maximum time at home without the use of durable medical equipment or home health services.
  • We imagine a time of better medicines and modalities to treat the disease.
  • We have a vision for a day when PD will be a disease to be cured or put into remission, not simply endured.
  • We imagine a day where the best known physical and mental exercises will be the standard of care, not just options to choose from.
  • We imagine a day when healthcare will be a service available to all, and that there will exist no disparities in treatments.
  • We imagine a day where no person will be left out of obtaining the optimal exercise program because of financial need.

Our Values

  • We value exercise as a proven therapy to allow Parkinson’s patients to function at a higher level and remain independent longer.
  • We value objective, evidence based, scientific studies that have shown evidence of changing outcomes in PD.
  • We value participation in the affected Parkinson’s community as an additional key to longer survival and a longer period of independence, in part due to earlier intervention and awareness of resources.
  • We value no race, no color, no gender identification over another and are committed to all peoples of all gender and race in our region.
  • We value Parkinson’s Disease as our common enemy and strive to find and support activities and programs that support independence and autonomy in life.
  • We consider all forms of Parkinsonism for financial support.

The Mission Statement

The mission statement: Stronger Than Parkinson’s (STP) will provide partial scholarships (funding) as we are able, for exercise and gym activities for those financially challenged in our region, to enhance the lives, the independence, and functional abilities of those with Parkinson’s Disease (PD).