Reason and Purpose:

STP was established to assist those patients who have Parkinson’s Disease and for financial reasons cannot participate in the various proven therapies that have been shown to slow the progression of the disease. This includes various exercise classes and may exclude unproven therapies and therapies a physician may recommend. Assistance to the Board or recommendations may be given by coaches and therapists of various activities. STP is not an insurance product nor an insurance supplemental product and will not fund physical therapy, occupational therapy nor speech therapy or other non-covered insurance products. As a lay board, private financial information will not be sought or retained by the Foundation of any candidates for funding. Payments will be made directly to the activity that is approved. People with PD should take that into account in preparation so as not to run afoul of attendance criteria in starting the activity. Physicians and coaches that operate their business will collect financial information and STP will consider their recommendations. STP operates under the rules of NFP Foundations in the State of Texas AG offices. The Foundation’s address is 2706 Cascade. Austin Texas 78757.

People with Parkinson’s Disease, confirmed and referred by a boarded Movement Disorders Specialist, will be eligible for grants. (For the time being, this excludes funding other NFP’s and foundations). A referral process will be established.

Eligibility for funding will be solely at the discretion of the Board of directors after a recommendation from a neurology movement disorders specialist.
Consideration will be given regardless of race, gender, age or condition, provided the physician believes they are candidates for the activity selected. Interviews are not anticipated but may be requested by the Board should additional information be needed or if there are special circumstances considered by the Board.

Gifts will be granted to those who provide a mechanism to demonstrate participation in at least 60 % of the activity’s sessions or classes. If participation falls below 60% or the participant is not allowed to participate, grants may be subject to cancellation. It is up to the recipient to document participation (e.g., sign in sheet signed by coaches, attestation sheet by coach and participants, note cards that demonstrate attendance activities, etc.).

All grants will be for $400 every 6 months, given availability of funds. If no funds are available, the Foundation (STP) will not be required to process or fund referrals. Every effort will be made to assist persons with Parkinson’s Disease in need, but only board action can provide funding.
The board meets approximately every two months. The Board will attempt to make decisions at each board meeting so as not to delay physical activities, but candidates should not assume funding decisions in anticipation of board decisions.

If funds are not available, potential awardees will be informed at the time of application and applications held until funds are available. (no reason to re-apply if approval would otherwise be granted). Notice of outcomes will be given candidates within a reasonable number of days of Board meetings. Appeals will be considered with additional information supplied by the candidates.

STP will record a logbook of grant recipients including amounts and dates of grants with a balance of grant amounts available.

Process: The tactical side.

The person with PD will request a form for referral from the Movement Disorders Physician’s (MDS) office. A common referral sheet will be available to local MDS physician offices. If application is not available in the office, the Foundation will make them available or they will be on the website.

The Parkinson’s person or their representative will complete the form and submit it to the Foundation by mail or electronically. Notice will be given when the completed application is received, and a response given concerning the next Board meeting. An incomplete application shall not be considered for funding. Funding will not occur if the coach of the activity objects or prohibits the client’s participation.

After a reasonable time, the applicant will be notified about the Board’s decision and next steps. Specifics about confirmation and denial of funding are not mandatory nor should they be expected. Board discussion will be held in confidence.

Again, it is the responsibility of the patient- client to get these documents and do keep up the participation documentation. The only obligation of the physician or his/her office is to fill out the referral form to confirm the diagnosis and whether the client may participate.

Once approved with adequate funds available, the designated organization will be given a check for the designated amount and thus will start the activity and the participation covenant of the arrangement. At the completion of the six months, or earlier, the client will present to the board documentation of attendance to request more funds. It is the obligation of the participant to secure and present the attendance participation documentation to STP.